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Joel Nonyane is a South African Street style Journalist and freelance writer,he worked for International Youth insight research company based in Cape Town, also worked for Gauteng s" hottest radio station Yfm. as a breakfast co - host and friend on deejay sbu breakfast show, some of his work was published abroad by lifestyle magazines and he worked closely with content producers for Vuzu.Tv, aimed to change the face of rural villages with his photographic skills. 
#you"ve been spotted
#Ska rebora
Black girls killing it purse and heels
loving our rural girl Kamo
Getting to know the man behind the Jane Furse blog
                                   SK FM 98,7 S' Rocking Gal Kgaladi
          Wear Your Sneakers Every Wensday of the week For a Good Cause
                                             The Ugly Inspire the beautifull

                           Savanna Xclusive Picnics Happening in all regions of Gauteng and later in limpopo


                            This was happening @ Coronation Park Krugersdorp. We went there to represents


                    Dj Clive and Monde


                                  Kwaal T - Shirts Vs

                                           Skatekultcha Wear Inc



                    Lecowza kasie Yaka

                          Mzekezeke the return baba, we catch up with him in Thembisa shooting a music Video


                         The Sneakerhead  

                         Anything you want to know about lecowza website: Halla back !@ Joel/0763874393

                                                   Lebowakgomo Community Website


                                      Meeting the Guys from TS Records

The Editor of lecowza website Joel. last week he went to Soweto. to attend the event wich was organised by TS

Records and SABC.


                                        Lecowza Vs Kwaal